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  • Deal Name: Project Spazio
  • Deal Size: ~ €800m
  • Asset Type: Industrial/Office
  • Description: Celtic is Asset Manager for the Spazio Industriale Portfolio. The portfolio consists of different asset classes: Telephone Exchange, Industrial Properties, Mixed Use Properties. Redevelopment Schemes and Development Projects, spread over the whole Italian territory. Celtic AM today supports Spazio Industriale Fund Manager in pursuing the interest of the Fund indirect majority shareholder (a U.K. based Hedge Fund. As Asset Manager, Celtic perfectioned sales for ~€550m
  • Deal Name: Project Peschiera
  • Deal Size: ~ €30m;
  • Asset Type: 21,000 sqm residential in the Metropolitan Area of Milan
  • Description: Acquisition by a US-based Credit Fund of two mortage loans from North-Eastern Italian Banks, secured by ~ 180 apartments in the metropolitan area of Milan; the assets were owned by an Italian RE Fund, is managed by a leading Italian investment manager (SGR)
  • Celtic originated, structured and executed the transaction and now operates as asset manager/advisor of the investment
  • Deal Name: Project Bullona
  • Deal Size: ~ €130m;
  • Asset Type: Office and Retail in Milan, Logistic and Laboratories in Northern Italy
  • Description: In the context of Corporate PE investment, Celtic originated, structured and executed in partnership with a prime US Credit Fund the acquistion from 14 Banks of 1) RE-Backed UTPs (8 assets in Milan and 2 in Northern Italy province capitals) and 2) Stock Financing
  • Celtic AM is now working as operating partner of the US Credit Fund on the management of the investment
  • Deal Name: Project Riviera
  • Deal Size: € 25m
  • Asset Type: Luxury Residential Development Scheme
  • Description: Transaction has been done by a US Credit Fund in partnership with an experienced Italian and international developer and a financial partnership with one of the major Italian Bank. Transaction aimed at completing the real estate re-development of the property formerly an Historical Hotel in the Municipality of the Liguria Riviera into 75 residential units with luxury amenities
  • Celtic Originated, structured and executed the transaction and now operate as asset manager/advisor of the investment


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